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Chinese Puzzle Ball

Long before Rubik’s cube, there was the Chinese puzzle ball: a set of intricately carved, concentric spheres usually up to 7 layers deep. The "puzzle" part of the name is both for the fact that it’s [...]

A Transparent Typewriter

Swintec’s 2600CC typewriter is a completely modern tool with impressive features such as an 80,000-word dictionary and correction memory. Here’s your puzzle for today: why is it transparent? Make a guess, then click on the link to read the answer. Link -via American Digest

The Math Teacher From Hell

Ok, maybe not hell per se, but Silent Hill is pretty darn close. Anyway, I sure wouldn’t want to learn anything from Pyramid Head. Who knows what he would do when you get a wrong answer? Link Via Kotaku

Cheeto, Anyone?

You’d swear that American artist Sandy Skoglund uses Photoshop, but this is a real image of a scene that she carefully staged. How did she do it, and who’s going to clean up afterwards? Visit the link to view more examples of her amazing work. Also, what’s the singular form of “Cheetos”? I can’t find a [...]

Harry Potter Geometry

Best answer to a geometry quiz question ever. It would almost be worth missing the question just to use this clever answer. Link via Geekologie