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US government: "mermaids don’t exist"

In an unusual announcement the US government has assured people that mermaids most likely don’t exist. In a statement from the National Ocean Service …

Words Of Wisdom From Star Wars

This public service announcement was brought to you by Star Wars, where things almost went horribly wrong between siblings Luke and Leia. If you’d like to further explore this incestual possibility check out Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, a novel by Alan Dean Foster which was published in 1978 and takes place between Episode IV: A [...]

Mammoths could be cloned within five years

Scientists have indicated that woolly mammoths could walk the Earth again by as early as 2016. The announcement comes after well-preserved bone marrow…

NASA announcement on arsenic based life ?

News outlets have reported that NASA’s upcoming announcement is about arsenic based life forms. The consensus seems to be that the astrobiology announ…

The Quick 10: 10 Ad Mascots Voiced by Celebrities

With the recent announcement of a new, swanky, “sexualized” Mr. Peanut voiced by a celebrity we all know and love (OK, I love him; I won’t speak for you), I thought it would be a good time to check out a few other celebs who have lent their voices to corporate mascots. 1. Mr. Peanut: [...]

Russia plans to send monkey to Mars

In a controversial announcement that is likely to cause quite a stir with animal rights groups the Russian space agency is planning to send a monk…

A Currency is "Reevaluated"

Economic activity inside North Korea has reportedly ground to a halt following a government announcement that it is devaluing its currency at a rate of 100:1. There were reports of public outrage and confusion after the announcement of the measure, which requires North Koreans to swap existing won notes for new ones at an exchange rate [...]

Kate has Five Babies

The announcement in the Times of London told the world that Kate Pong had given birth to quintuplets named Beyonce, Tyra, Bobbi, Barrack and Earl. The small item prompted Robert Littlejohn of The Daily Mail to speculate on the mother’s marital status. But it turns out that Kate Pong is a chocolate Labrador! Kate’s owner, [...]