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Sluggo, The Street Slug of Ann Arbor

Every now and then, you’ll see Sluggo pop up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He’s a character created by street artist David Zinn. He’s made a mess here, but normally, he’s a helpful fellow. You can see more photos of Sluggo’s adventures at the link. Gallery -via MyModernMet

Oldest, Oddest Fungi Finally Photographed

The fungal cells in this picture are so small and hard to detect that they had to be colored with fluorescent dye before they could be recorded. They are attached to algae cells. The first views suggest that unlike any other fungi known, these might live as essentially naked cells without the rigid cell wall that [...]

Brain: Getting Dumped and Getting Burned Are The Same Pain

Literature is filled with examples of the pain of heartbreak, but leave it to science to prove that to our brain, the pain of getting dumped and getting burned is actually one and the same: In a new study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), researchers have found that the same brain networks that are activated [...]

Two more odd things I just learned about fish

When I’m not blogging for mental_floss, I can usually be found wearing bright orange rubber pants and gutting, cutting and selling fish at my local Whole Foods (and winning awards for it). Sometimes, my two worlds collide and I find some scientific research involving my ocean-dwelling friends that begs for a blog post. This is [...]