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Anime Eyes Sleep Mask

Anime Eyes Sleep Mask – $4.45 Are you looking to add a little drama to your nighttime attire? You need the Anime Eyes Sleep Mask from the NeatoShop. This fantastic mask features exaggerated eyes and is perfect for adding a little artistic flair to your sleep routine.   Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more [...]

Woman Transforms Herself Into A Wide Eyed Anime Character

(YouTube Link) Recently we posted a DIY tutorial on creating an anime eye look with makeup, a simple and easy way to give yourself that wide-eyed look and complete your costume. But if you want to attempt a more detailed anime eye makeup this Halloween, and you’re not afraid of a challenge, follow Anastasiya Shpagina as she [...]

Mind-Controlled Tail

The geniuses at Neuroware previously made cat ears leap from anime to reality. Now they’re back with an even more ambitious project: a tail that wags based on your mood. If you’re happy, it wags vigorously. If you’re upset, it droops. In either event, it will use GPS to tag your physical location as a [...]

I Would So Play Silent Moon

Or maybe it’s Sailor Hill. Either way, the combination of adorable anime and terrifying survival horror sounds like a delightful idea. Link Via Kotaku

Anime Eyes Glasses

Anime Eyes Glasses – $3.95 Do you long to be an Anime character, but just can’t seem to perfect the look? You need the Anime Eyes Glasses from the NeatoShop. This fantastic pair of glasses will give you the super large and stylized eyes of your dreams. Now please get back to work practicing your exaggerated [...]

What Pokeballs Would Look Like In Real Life

Who knew that pokeballs, the devices used by the characters in the anime series Pokemon to capture their little critter pals, would be so beautiful in real life? Created via photo manipulation by DeviantARTist wazzy88, their elemental contents look so real, like they could burst out at any moment in a surge of bling. No [...]

Finally! Real-Life Anime Cat Ears

(Video Link) Anime cat ear headbands have been around for a long time. But these, developed by Neurowear, can be controlled with your thoughts. At least, that’s the bold claim that the company makes about the “Necomimi”. Just concentrate to make them stand up. Link via CrunchGear

Fast Food Final Fantasy

This great shot of two (presumably) cosplayers was shot by Steve Burt at Anime Expo 2008 in Los Angeles. Ronald Sephiroth battles Colonel Cloud. If Wendy joined in, what Final Fantasy character would she be? Link via Popped Culture

Being an Anime Fan in 80’s New York City

Before Comic-Con made cosplay chic, being a manga geek was hard work. Michael Pinto of Fanboy has an interesting trip down memory lane about being an anime fan in New York City back in the 80s: You know how when you go to a really popular anime convention that there might be say a 100 people [...]

Help Name These Anime Characters, Please?

Hello Neatoramanauts! I’ve been busy adding a lot of new and neat items on the NeatoShop, but yesterday I got stumped. See, I was adding several anime-related items (including some cool new Totoro items – yay! Those are hard to get) and was proceeding nicely until I got to these two Anime Zipper Bags shown [...]