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Anatomy of CGI: A Scene from “Tangled”

Ever wonder how computer-animated films are made? It’s a laborious process, involving “previsualization” (a form of pseudo-animated storyboarding), “layout” (rough positioning of 3D models), reference modeling (in which an actor moves around as the characters will, as a reference for animators), and various additional passes through the material to arrive at a realistic-looking animated [...]

The Simpson Couch Gag By Bill Plympton

(YouTube Link)  In case you missed the latest episode of The Simpsons, here is the only part of the show that really mattered-a strange yet rather touching couch gag by the king of sketchy animated sequences Billy Plympton! Watch as a bizarro version of Homer struggles with his feelings for both the couch and Marge, with frenetic [...]