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26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

Now here’s a year-end list we can all get behind: stories of people being good to other people (and a few animals). You saw some of the stories here at Neatorama, but most likely some will be new to you. Be sure to have a hankie ready. Link (Image source: reddit)

Ooooh, What’s This Thingy Do?

As priceless as this photo is, it still seems like you’re failing at scuba diving if your head’s out of water and the animals are sneaking up behind you. Link Via Cute Overload

Real-life Chimeras

(YouTube link) Chimera is a term for some mythological monsters that are made of different parts from different animals. Real-life chimeras contain the genetic material of more than one individual. And it happens more than you may realize. For example, Venus the cat is probably not a chimera, but your mom might be! -via The Daily [...]

Can bears count as well as primates ?

New research suggests that black bears are surprisingly adept at performing numerical calculations. When it comes to animals with advanced cognitive a…

How do animals use magnetism to navigate ?

Scientists have been studying how some animals use magnetic navigation to find their way around. While it has long been suspected that animals such as…

Will animals evolve human defenses ?

The most dangerous predator to ever walk the planet is mankind – but what can animals do in defense ? Throughout history predators and prey have been …

8 Animal Misconceptions

(YouTube link) C.G.P. Grey busts some myths you may have heard about animals. He goes pretty fast, so in case you want to check the facts more slowly, the script is available at his site. Link -via The Daily What

Watch A Dog Play With A Pig, Then Smile

(Video Link) These two critters are rescued animals that now reside over at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Aren’t they adorable together? Via Geekosystem

80-year-old woman charged for feeding ducks

Claire Butcher faces a possible jail sentence for bringing food to her local park to feed the animals. Officials had previously warned the 80-year-old…

Back In The Day

(YouTube link) Stuffed and mounted animals sing “Back in the Day” by The Erratic Man. Besides the video, there’s a choir of singing animals that you can add your pet to! Link -Thanks, James!