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Furniture Animals

Mark Sparfel, a French artist, transforms old, discarded furniture into animal sculptures. Some of them appear to be almost leaping into action in what Sparfel calls “poetry made from wood.” Link -via Design Boom

Monkey in Winter Coat Found at IKEA

Twitter lit up with pictures yesterday when a monkey wearing a warm winter coat was sotted all alone in the IKEA parking lot in Toronto. At around 3 p.m. ET, the diminutive primate was spotted in the store’s upper parking lot, where it was cornered by several Ikea staff members, who also called animal control to [...]

New Zealand Charity Teaches Dogs How To Drive

(YouTube Link) An animal adoption organization in New Zealand is teaching dogs how to drive, with their paws on the pedal steering straight towards the nearest cat. As if driving around town wasn’t dangerous enough, now we’ll have to contend with canine drivers who brake at the scent of fast food! –via Geekologie

Zoomorphic Buildings

A zoomorphic building is one shaped like an animal. The list of ten such buildings at Pets Lady has a dog, a sheep, a rabbit, two elephants, and five cats! That’s understandable, because who could resist a building shaped like a cat? Those include a veterinary hospital, a train station, hotel cabins, and the Dee [...]

The Fox and the Tomb

Foxes are about the coolest feral animal imaginable. I wish there were more foxes in the world. Less coyotes and more foxes- that’s what I say. I can safely conclude my connection to the animal all started withThe Fox And the Hound. I am tearing up just thinking about it, poor Tod and [...]

Cat Bounce

If you’ve ever had the urge to drop a cat to see if it bounced, but you don’t want to hurt the animal, here’s a web toy for you! Click, drag, release, smile. Link -via Metafilter

The Life And Times Of The MGM Lion

The famous mascot of Metro-Goldwyn Mayer is not one lion, but five lions. These are their stories. Slats (1917–1928) Wikimedia Commons Slats, born at the Dublin Zoo in 1919, was MGM’s first lion. He had previously appeared in the logo of the Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, where designer Howard Dietz chose the lion as a mascot as a tribute [...]

PETA condemns Pokemon as ‘animal abuse’

The animal rights group is claiming that the Pokemon video games condone animal abuse and cruelty. The Pokemon series of video games has been a firm f…

Why did humans evolve to walk upright ?

What are the advantages of human bipedalism over the locomotion methods of other animal species ? It remains one of the biggest questions in human evo…

Animals on Trial

In medieval Europe, it was common for animals to be put on trial and sentenced to punishment as if they understood the proceedings. Livestock and wild animals would be tried for assault or murder of a human, insects and rats were prosecuted for destroying crops, and livestock could be put to death for bestiality along [...]