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Furniture Animals

Mark Sparfel, a French artist, transforms old, discarded furniture into animal sculptures. Some of them appear to be almost leaping into action in what Sparfel calls “poetry made from wood.” Link -via Design Boom

Beautiful Animal Sculptures By Beth Cavener Stichter

I really like the look of these savage animal sculptures by Beth Cavener Stichter. Their rough clay finish makes the critters look as if they’ve just come into creation and have yet to have their forms polished and smoothed out. They’re part of her new series entitled Come Undone, a series full of raw texture and majestic [...]

Animals Sculptures from Shattered CDs

It’s been a long time since you’ve listened to those Sir Mix-a-Lot CDs. Why not put them to some good use? Sean Avery takes CDs, breaks them into fragments, and then creates amazing animal sculptures. Link -via Bit Rebels

Amazing Works of Art Made From Paper

It’s hard to believe, but these stunning animal sculptures are made from nothing more than cotton paper, paint and a bit of thread. They were created by Sydney-based artist Anna-Wii Highfield. But she’s not the only artist to base her craft around the use of paper. Here’s a great collection of paper projects from all [...]

When Hubcaps Transform Into Giant Creatures

In his manic studio, 43-year-old Ptolemy Elrington works full-time creating glorious animal sculptures from hubcaps of all kinds, though he especially likes those from BMW and Mercedes vehicles. These are all put together using scrap wire and cut with either craft knife or hacksaw. Link