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Puppies Herd Ducklings

(YouTube link) These Australian shepherd puppies are ten weeks old, and are already trying out their herding skills. On ducks. I guess that’s safe enough! Enjoy this clip from Animal Planet. -via the Presurfer

The Sloths Are Coming!

(YouTube link) Lucy Cooke made a video last year at the world’s only sloth orphanage, The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica. Her sloth project has expanded into a documentary, Too Cute! Baby Sloths that will air on Animal Planet this Saturday. Meanwhile, enjoy the adorable trailer. Link -via I Am Bored

Recent Footage of a Thylacine?

(YouTube link) The thylacine, or “Tasmanian tiger” is considered to have gone extinct in 1936, when the last known specimen died at a zoo. But occasional sightings are reported, if not confirmed. Last year, Murray McAllister caught this nine seconds of footage among hours of recordings in the Australian wilderness. Could this be a thylacine? Read [...]