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Rare Guinea Pig Hybrid Breeds

Behold the mighty guinea lion, a savage beast that kills with the power of cuteness. Adventurous animal lovers will discover many more examples of guinea pig-animal hybridization at the link below, but don’t let their adorability fool you- these cuties are packing a mean set of chompers! Link

Love, Animal Style

Sure, not all critters celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when spring is in the air, many of them do show off their love for one another. To help you celebrate your holiday, here’s a list of the most romantic creatures in the animal kingdom. If there’s anything cuter than cuddly little animals by themselves, it’s animals being [...]

Odd Requests Made by Hotel Customers

The hotel chain Best Western released a list of the oddest requests made by customers over the past year. Here’s are a few examples: Another customer, who had been tasked with arranging a lawnmower convention, enquired about the possibility of mowing the grounds of the hotel, so guests could try out the various models on display. One [...]