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Take That Humans! Animals Get Even

(YouTube Link) Let’s face it, humans can be just awful to animals, and it’s only a matter of time before critters come looking for a little payback. These rebellious heroes of the animal kingdom are out to show humanity that they’re not to be taken for granted. –via Crenk

Love, Animal Style

Sure, not all critters celebrate Valentine’s Day, but when spring is in the air, many of them do show off their love for one another. To help you celebrate your holiday, here’s a list of the most romantic creatures in the animal kingdom. If there’s anything cuter than cuddly little animals by themselves, it’s animals being [...]

Affectionate Animals

It’s great to see so much love in the animal kingdom especially when the world is so full of violence and hate. Enjoy these cute pictures of animals showing affection. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by draganesku.