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True Facts About the Angler Fish

(YouTube link) Ze Frank tells us all about the angler fish. Yeah, we’ve told you this stuff before about the weird weird angler fish, but he describes it all so well! NSFW language. -via Pleated Jeans

Homemade Angler Fish

Craftster member blupony808 made this awesome plush angler fish out of fabric, garden hose, a night light, paint, and imagination. Yes, it lights up, too! This project won the monthly challenge at Craftster. See more pictures of how she built it. Link -via Rue The Day

Anglerfish – Four Legged Fish

Anglerfish – ‘Four-legged’ fish goes for a walk along ocean floor in stunning photos taken on deep sea dive Perhaps he had just got tired of swimming.For this odd-looking fish looks like he’s just decided to head out for an evening stroll along the ocean floor.But while it looks like he has sprouted legs, this [...]