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Amazing Anamorphic Illusions

(YouTubelink) Brusspup makes these two-dimensional artworks that are 3D illusions when viewed at just the right angle. Bonus: cat. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Optical Illusion Alphabet

Marc Böttler arranged wooden blocks so that, when viewed from just the right angle, they revealed letters of the English alphabet. Take a look at the other letters at the link. Link -via Colossal

Ball Droppings

This game may just waste a few hours of your day, but you will enjoy doing it. Try to angle the lines under the dropping ball to create different musical tones. You can adjust the speed and rate at which the balls drop. How did you do? Link

The Underwater Project by Mark Tipple

Photo: Mark Tipple Photographer and surfer Mark Tipple has always been intrigued with what happens below the surface. So, while between projects he “hung out” under the sea to capture some of the best underwater photographs you’ll see today: “Coming from a surfing background I used to wonder what happens when we’re duck-diving, like, what it looks [...]

Portrait of Muhammad Ali Made out of Punching Bags

Michael Kalish created this elaborate sculpture that, when viewed from the right angle, looks like Muhammad Ali: [...]artist Michael Kalish went big, using 1,300 punching bags, 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable, and 2,500 pounds of aluminum pipe to construct a 22-foot-high installation that took three years to complete. The idea for the project came to Kalish [...]

How Do You Pave a Road with a 31º Slope?

(Video Link) The turns in the racetrack at Daytona International Speedway bank at a 31º slope. Conventional road paving techniques won’t work at that angle. Here’s how it’s done: Unlike repaving a street in your neighborhood, Daytona’s a banked surface designed to allow cars to reach speeds as high as 210 mph. This means crews have to [...]