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The Anger Room: A Place Where You Pay to Smash Stuff in a Fit of Rage

Let it all out. It’s not healthy to keep that darkness inside. Release your anger at the Anger Room, a business in Dallas: Anger Room customers are offered a selection of baseball bats, golf clubs, tennis rackets, crowbars, and, if they’re feeling particularly creative, mannequin arms and legs. What they do with those weapons is up [...]

I Flunked Anger Management Mug

I Flunked Anger Management Mug – $11.95 Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone with a wee bit of a temper problem? Get them the hilarious I Flunked Anger Management Mug from the NeatoShop. This very comical mug is shaped to resemble a smashed mug. Hopefully your passionate gift receiver also has a good sense [...]

The Hero in the Picture

James Zwerg was a Freedom Rider who went to Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. As soon as he stepped off the bus, a mob grabbed him and beat him to a pulp. A photograph taken of Zwerg in the hospital was published nationwide and around the world, bringing awareness of what was happening in the American [...]

"Anger gene" discovered

A gene responsible for bouts of extreme anger while drunk has been identified by scientists. It was found that excessive alcohol consumption can block…

Venting Machine

Forget stress balls and punching bags. If you’re feeling destructive and simply want to break something, check out the Anger Release Machine. Created by artists Katja Kublitz and Ronnie Yarisal, Anger Release is basically a traditional vending machine stuffed full of glassware and china. When someone pays money for a particular product (say, the beautiful vase [...]

Sneak Peek #6: Stephen Hawking’s Drive-bys

Our Jan/Feb issue hits newsstands tomorrow (ish), so we’re giving you another reason to go out and pick up a copy! One of the things I love is when you hear stories that make heroes a little more human. The new issue’s got a little feature on nerdy celebs with anger management problems. Here’s the [...]

The Angriest Americans

Got anger? A new national survey of 1,800 Americans by Scott Schieman reveal that chances are, you’re either young, have kids (duh!) or have less education. For one, people under 30 experienced anger of all forms or intensities more frequently than did older adults. This was mainly due to the fact that young people are more [...]