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Land Speed Record Bid Could Make Space Flight Safer

By developing new rocket technology on the land scientists hope to help aid in safer space travel. It sounds counter intuitive, however the group making the bid for the land speed record thinks it could lead to a breakthrough in safer space travel. So says Daniel Jubb, who is the founder of military rocket motor [...]

Flowchart: What Job Should You Have in the Star Wars Universe?

So you suddenly find yourself long, long ago in a galaxy far away. You’re going to need to earn some money, so it’s time to find a job. This flowchart by Andy Green and Bobby Bernethy will make some suggestions for careers that fit your personality. Link

How Fast Can You Go on a… Lawnmower?

When you think land-speed records, you usually think Lamborghini or Ferrari. You think Bonneville Salt Flats and Frank Lockhart and rocket-powered super cars that go 500 mph, or even 763 mph, as Andy Green did in 1997. What you don’t think of, however, is a man named Bob Cleveland, who holds the land speed record on [...]