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Cute Android Figures Made From Random Junk

These cute little android figures were made by crafty Andrea Petrachi, and they look like a Jawa’s dream come true! They make up for their lack of mortal soul with an overabundance of personality and charm. In fact, they’re so neat looking that they could inspire a scifi series of their own, something likeRobobabies and the battle [...]

Android Mini Squishable

Have you hugged your Android today? Here’s a very cute, soft and huggable 7″ Android Mini Squishable ($19) from the NeatoShop. Sure beats hugging your plastic cell phone! Link | More Squishables | More fun Plush Toys

The Social Networking Marathon Runner

Joseph Tame will run the Tokyo Marathon while wearing an extensive set of gear that will enable him to publish constant updates on the web. He calls this getup the iRun. The iRun features four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, and Android handset, three mobile Wi Fi routers, a four-in-one atmospheric monitor and a heart [...]

Android Mini Collectible

iPhone Schmiphone! If you love Android above all other mobile operating system, then this is the vinyl toy for you. The Android Mini Collectible ($7.45) by Andrew Bell and Dead Zebra is a 3″ tall vinyl figure that will look perfect sitting beside your computer monitor at work or home. Link | More Cubicle Toys from [...]

Mobile phone to blast into orbit

Engineers are planning to send a mobile phone in to orbit to see if it still works in space. The phone will run on Google’s Android operating system a…

Japanese Fembot Has Incredibly Realistic Facial Expressions

(Video Link) Actroid-F looks almost human. Not just in the way its face is sculpted, but the way that it moves. Guinness World Records lists it as the first true android. In the above video, the robot mimics the expressions of its operator. The people behind the project suggest that it could be placed in hospitals [...]

Who’s The Best Robot/Android Ever?

What better way to start off a geek fight than to ask who is the greatest movie or TV robot/android? Curtis Silver of Geek Dad did just that by comparing Data from Star Trek, to just about every other android. For example, just to add fuel to the raging Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate: Data vs. [...]