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90’s A Capella Medley

Attention, children of the nineties! Take a stroll down memory lane with this enjoyable video clip of what is undeniably the best songs ever written in the history of music (we dare you not to hum along), as sung by Danish a capella group Local Vocal. Why, you’re welcome. Hit play or go to Link [...]

Got PMS? Take a Look at These Milk Ads!

California Milk Processor Board along with their ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (probably all men) have launched a new “Got Milk?” ad campaign touting the benefits of the white stuff in reducing the symptoms of (gasp!) PMS. The campaign comes complete with a Flash-heavy microsite called Everything I Do Is Wrong and these print posters: [...]

Upside Down Portraits

It doesn’t take much to make me dizzy. Just hanging my head upside down behind my chair gives me a mean case of the spins. Another thing that gives me the spins: this CoolHunting gallery of upside down portraits: Photographer Brandon Vogues came up with a simple and surprisingly novel idea: photograph portraits of people hanging [...]