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11 of the Richest People in History

Coming up with a definitive list of the richest people of all time is almost impossible, thanks to the difficulties that arise with comparing different currencies and adjusting for inflation over thousands of years. But these 11 men were up there in the 0.001 percent of their time—and they were all just a little bit [...]

The Little Library Project

Would you install a tiny library outside of your house? Sure someone might just take the books without putting out new ones, but if you’ve already read them and weren’t going to do anything with them, does that really matter? If you’re interested in putting out your own library then you too can join the Little [...]

Tiny Lending Libraries

The industrialist Andrew Carnegie used his vast fortune to build 2,509 libraries around the world. The people of Little Free Library would like to continue that philanthropic tradition and make it accessible for people without Carnegie’s wealth. So they sell birdhouse-sized libraries that you can fill with books that people in your neighborhood can read. Link [...]

6 Curious College Donations

Universities are always looking for cash from their alumni (or anyone else with a big enough checkbook). But sometimes colleges are offered donations of another variety. Here are stories of six rather unusual gifts given to universities across the world. 1. A Bathroom (University of Colorado) Endowing a school, building, or even a classroom with one’s name [...]