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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Andre the Giant

It’s the 25th anniversary of The Princess Bride, and since everyone is chattering about the cast reunion and planning their post-debate viewing parties, now seems like as good a time as any to brush up on your Andre the Giant trivia. Here’s one fact to get you started: Despite Andre’s character Fezzik’s almost-superhuman strength, back problems [...]

Batman Hired To Clean Up The Streets Of Taubate Brazil

The Brazilian city of Taubate has hired 50 year old military veteran Andre Luiz Pinheiro to dress up as Batman and fight street crime vigilante style throughout the city. Residents, local business owners and police are hoping that the Caped Crusader’s presence will inspire others to help clean up the neighborhood, and they want him to [...]

11 Things Billed as the 8th Wonder of the World

Since the days of antiquity, scholars and teachers, orators and critics, guide books and travel maps have identified Wonders of the World — locations that stand as a testament to human achievement in architecture and beauty or the represent the breathtaking awe of nature in its sprawling and magnificent chaos. Most often, these lists of wonders come [...]

Aelita Andre: Four-Year-Old Abstract Artist

Move over, Jackson Pollock – there’s a new art prodigy in town and she’s kicking butt and taking names. And dripping paint, too. Meet four-year-old Aelita Andre: [YouTube Clip] Without explaining who Aelita was or about her age, her mother showed some examples of her art to the curator of an exhibition she was herself due [...]

Woody’s Winners, NFL Week 5

NFL WEEK FIVE: Woody ended last week with an even 7-7 record, correctly choosing the Rams in an upset, but blanking by choosing the Dolphins on MNF. That puts me at 34-28 for the year, not bad for a season that’s been wild and wacky one-quarter of the way through. How wacky? Indianapolis has lost [...]