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Delicious and Anatomical Macaroon Cookies

What do you get when you combine art, anatomy and food? Delicious anatomical cookies like these ones by Miss Insomnia Tulip. Link Via BoingBoing

Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomical Drawings

Images: Royal Collection and Dr. Richard Wellings/UCHW Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci wanted to know how the human body was composed, and set out to work on a treatise on human anatomy. [...]

10 Hilarious Pop Reinterpretations

Artist Hillary White knows her classics… so well, that she’s able to mash them up with pop-culture references and characters. Some of the famous paintings I recognize below include: The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Les Coquelicots, Café Terrace at Night, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Christina’s World and The Execution of Lady Jane [...]

Anatomical Dress

Rachel Wright made a few dresses from vintage slips and nightgowns that depict the anatomy of the wearer. She’s doing so to express an intersection of public and private lives: The Dream Anatomy series explore these imagined realms inside the body. Because these garments are meant to be worn, the boundary between the internal and the [...]

Rubik’s Brain Cube

Artist Jason Freeny made this fully functional Rubik’s Cube puzzle shaped like a brain. Presumably some knowledge of anatomy is essential to solving it. Link via Super Punch Previously by Jason Freeny: The Anatomy of Nemo Gingerbread Man Dissection

Anatomical Sleeping Bag

Wear your insides on the outside and study human anatomy while you drift off to dreamland. This creepy sleeping bag would be perfect for a Halloween sleepover. Link (in Japanese) – Via Who Killed Bambi

Heart – Anatomy Keychain

Heart (Anatomy) Keychain – $4.95 Are you afraid of giving someone your whole heart this Valentine’s Day? Give them the Heart – Anatomy Keychain from the NeatoShop instead. It’s like giving your whole heart, but in miniature and in plastic. Plus, if they manage to some how break this heart it won’t hurt that much. Be sure [...]

Edward Gorey House Museum

Morbid Anatomy Joanna Ebenstein recently visited the Edward Gorey Museum in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts.The home has, sadly, largely been cleared of Gorey’s legendary clutter–though a few tantalizing fragments from his private collection can be found scattered about–and transformed into a compact house-museum dedicated to the man’s life and work.Part of me wishes they had simply [...]