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Fascinating Illustrations By Anatoly Fomenko

Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko creates illustrations which are both expressions of mathematical concepts and visual ┬ádepictions of his innermost thoughts and emotions. With razor sharp use of perspective, abstract imagery and many shades of gray, Anatoly’s works are at once amazing and confounding, and would look right at home on the cover of a Pink Floyd [...]

It’s Not Easy Being a Ginger Seal Pup

It’s not easy being ginger, even for a seal. Here’s the story of a little seal pup being abandoned by its sleek black family for having brownish red fur: The photographer [Anatoly Strakhov - ed], [...]

Mexico’s Underwater River

Diver Anatoly Beloshchin shot this footage in an underwater cavern at Cenote Angelita, Mexico. The illusion of a river is most commonly attributed to a layer of hydrogen sulfide. (YouTube Link)