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3 Horrifying Implications Behind Text-Based Adventure Games

This article will take you back to an earlier time, when computers had few images and we played text-based games. At the time, they were state-of-the-art, but this analysis will make you either laugh or cringe -or both! Get a look into the sadistic minds who developed these games at Rant Gaming. Link-Thanks, Alex Galbraith!

Mapping the Politics of the Social Web

The folks at Engage used an analysis of Facebook likes to plot the political leanings of the users of various social networking sites. Its accuracy is anyone’s guess, but it is kind of interesting to see who cares more about what. You can click the graphic twice at the site to see the full-size version. [...]

DNA proves horrific folklore to be true

Genetic analysis of a shrunken head verifies anecdotal accounts of violent head-hunting in South America. They’ve appeard in movies such as Beetlejuic…

Where to Live in the USA to Avoid Natural Disasters

Hurricanes in the east, earthquakes in the west and tordanoes in the middle. Where should you live to avoid natural disasters? Matthew Ericson, Joe Burgess and Bill Marsh of The New York Times created this infographic guide to find the safest and most dangerous places to live in America: The analysis below, by Sperling’s Best Places, a [...]

Atlantis (maybe) rediscovered in Spain

Analysis of underwater remains of a suspected ancient city leads research team to Southern Spain. Mud flats located in Southern Spain are potentially …

The Language of Prairie Dogs

Whaaat? You didn’t know that prairie dogs have their own language? (Cue Dramatic Prairie Dog clip) Professor Con Slobodchikoff of Nothern Arizona University spent 30 years studying “prairiedogese” and cracked the secret of how prairie dogs communicate with each other: During his analysis, Slobodchikoff noticed something: Even though the human call was consistently different from the other [...]

Ancient shark feeding frenzy revealed

A new fossil analysis of plesiosaur remains found in Japan has revealed that the creature was fed upon by a gang of at least seven prehistoric sha…