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Tiger Mom Meme

We’ve already posted twice about Amy Chua’s essay “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, so is it any wonder that a new image meme has grown up around the backlash? Note: the image used in the generator is not Amy Chua; it’s a stock photo. Link -via Buzzfeed

NY Times Columnist: Tiger Mother Coddles Her Kids

Remember our post on Amy Chua, the so-called Tiger Mother who asserted that her extreme “Chinese”-style of parenting produces superior children? Chua didn’t let her own girls go out on play dates or sleepovers. She didn’t let them watch TV or play video games or take part in garbage activities like crafts. Once, one of her [...]

Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

You’ve probably seen or heard how Chinese kids that get straight A’s in school, play the piano like a pro, and start prepping for med school in kindergarten. But how do they get to be so ambitious … so driven? Well, it’s because Chinese kids have Chinese mothers. Amy Chua explains why Chinese moms are [...]