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Antarctic sea ice hits record high

Despite fears over global warming the amount of sea ice at the South Pole is breaking new records. Despite the fact that there is more ice at Antarcti…

Greenland ice melt accelerating rapidly

The amount of Greenland’s ice sheet that has melted this month has reached unprecedented levels. NASA scientists have been using satellite images to m…

The Salad Towers of China

Attention cheapskates! How should you maximize the amount of food you can get from a single trip to the salad bar? By building the ultimate salad tower, of course: Link – via The [...]

Space junk poses clean-up challenge

The amount of debris in orbit is posing an ever greater risk to spacecraft and the environment. Some scientists believe that the increase in space jun…

Ivory Soap In A Microwave

(YouTube link) According to Steve Spangler, the tiny amount of water in Ivory’s famous air bubbles heat up and expand. The end product is a “soap souffle”! -via The Daily What

Jeff Meldrum holds talk on Bigfoot evidence

Jeff Meldrum has been researching Bigfoot for 15 years and has gained a significant amount of attention. Meldrum contends that a population of as many…

The Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder

It looks like a crystal ball, which it is, but this is a 19th century invention to record the amount of sunshine, called the Campbell-Stokes Sunshine Recorder. It was invented in 1853 by the Scottish Gaelic scholar Iain Òg Ìle, known in English as John Francis Campell. Perhaps unsurprisingly he was also the Secretary to the [...]

Dwarf galaxy lurking just outside Milky Way

The invisible ‘Galaxy X’ is thought to contain an overwhelming amount of dark matter. Dark matter is an invisible material that scientists think makes…

The Nintendo Sequel Quiz

If you played a good amount (some may say bad amount) of video games in the 1980s and ’90s, you know classic Nintendo games. Of course, if something sells well, any company will capitalize on that by offering a sequel -some of those Nintendo sequels became hits; others did not. If you remember the sequels, [...]

What do you do on a rainy day?

We’ve had an unprecedented amount of rain here in Los Angeles lately, and it’s making people weird. It takes months of sunless days to affect people in Portland or Seattle, but just a week or two gets Angelenos down in the dumps. Aside from the flooding and mudslides, the rain has had other transformative effects [...]