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The Evolution of Life on Earth

(YouTube link) The Earth is estimated to be about 4.5 billion years old. It’s hard to grasp such a amount of time, so AsapSCIENCE took those billions of years and compressed it into a theoretical 24-hour day, so we can see how relatively little of it concerns us. -via Buzzfeed

Birds of a Feather Look Pretty Together

Beautiful paper creations by Diana Beltran Herrera. I can’t imaging the amount of time and dedication each one of these must have taken. -Via Booooooom


(YouTube link) As Pete Bennett demonstrates, if you want your dog to dance with you for any substantial amount of time, just carry some sausages. But you’d better let him have a bite, or he’ll never trust you again! -via Joanne Casey

Catch Up On 50 Years Of Doctor Who In 10 Minutes

(YouTube Link) Do you like Doctor Who, but you just don’t have time to catch up on the episodes you’ve missed over the years? Do you hate Doctor Who and want to know what all the fuss is about? Are you saying to yourself  “I couldn’t care less, but I sure do enjoy Best Of… videos, [...]

Why We Go Online

A new study from the Pew Research Center confirms what seem fairly obvious to most of us: people go on line for no reason at all. That should explain all those kitten videos. The report finds that the amount of time people spend tooling around on the Web doing nothing corresponds with age. Only 12 percent of [...]