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200 Rounds When You Need Them

The unnamed gentlemen in this video are concerned about running out of ammunition during a major zombie attack. So they devised this ingenious solution: two 100-round magazines for an AK-47 strapped together. When you empty one side, flip it over. Video Link -via Everyday, No Days Off

Cremated Ashes Packed into Ammunition

If you’d like to go out with a bang, Holy Smoke LLC offers to pack your cremated ashes (or those of your loved ones) into ammunition cartridges. You tell them the caliber or gauge, ship the remains to them, and they’ll load the cartridges: Once the caliber, gauge and other ammunition parameters have been selected, we [...]

Somewhat Cumbersome 24-Shot Revolver

In the past, we’ve looked at somewhat fanciful efforts to improve the ammunition capacity of revolvers, including the use of feeding chains, superimposed loads, and stacked chambers. There’s not much information available about this solution except that it’s a single-action .38 that can fire 24 rounds. Link via The Firearm Blog | Photo: Drefizzle