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A Woman’s Life, As Told Through Scientific Studies

Strange how research that should make us feel better about ourselves tends to make us just feel weird. Buzzfeed put together a list of research projects about women’s health that affects different stages of one’s life, with links to more about each project. My favorite: Women who have one or two drinks a day in the [...]

12 Attempts to Bribe Celebrities for Worthy Causes

Want to contribute to a worthy cause and get your favorite celebrity to do something awesome and/or ridiculous? That’s the idea behind Charity Bribes. Anyone can post something awesome or bizarre for a specific celebrity to do. These ideas go on a master list, where the good people of the Internet vote for their favorites. [...]

How The Stethoscope Was Invented

The stethoscope was invented by a doctor too embarrassed to place his ear on a woman’s ample bosom. Before the invention of the stethoscope, a physician would listen to a patient’s heart by placing his ear over the chest. In 1816, René Laennec, a physician and devout Catholic, was called to examine a young woman suspected to [...]