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The Missing Links: Everyone Needs Golden Appliances

The Good, the Bad, and the Jedi Star Wars posters are given a spaghetti western twist. * Jon Daly = John Daly The hilarious comedian Jon Daly is slowly morphing into famous golfer/gambler/partier John Daly. And he hopes Google will take note. Also, years ago I took an improv class from Jon Daly and he’s a helluva nice [...]

If the Titanic Didn’t Sink, This Female Pilot Would Be a Lot More Famous

You know Amelia Earhart, but you’ve probably never heard of Harriet Quimby. It’s quite likely that she inspired Earhart, who didn’t start flying until a decade after Quimby. And while Amelia was famous for being the first solo female pilot to cross the Atlantic in 1932, Quimby was the first woman pilot to fly solo over [...]

Famous People Who Disappeared

We all know about Jimmy Hoffa, who “vanished so quickly and so thoroughly that his vanishing would eventually become something of a punch line,” and Amelia Earhart, whose remains were maybe found, but there’s a longish list of famous people who have disappeared in a snap. LIFE has a great round up, from master Baroque [...]

The Guy Who Invented Corn Flakes Was A Strange, Strange Man

Did you know that Facebook is going to start using your posts as advertisements, to show up on your friends’ sidebars? I know this seems off-topic given this article’s title, but a friend of mine pointed this out on Facebook the other day, then wrote, “so take a moment to really give a positive opinion [...]

Cold Cases

The following is an article from the book History’s Lists from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Rumor has it that Amelia Earhart and the grassy-knoll gunman have been found in a bar in Atlantis. Whew -three mysteries solved. Now, on to these. 1. THE BABUSHKA LADY The Mystery: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November [...]

Amelia Earhart clues found on island

Bone fragments found on a deserted island are being DNA tested to see if they could be Amelia Earhart’s. The fate of famed aviator Earhart has never b…

The Number of the Day: 6′

Full grown coconut crabs have been known to grow as large as 6-feet in length. The massive arthropods – which can weigh as much as 30 pounds – cannot swim, but can climb trees and are strong enough to crack open the tree-fruit that gives them their name. Related Story: One theory about the coconut crab surmises [...]

The Quick 10: What 10 Major Retailers Once Sold

If David Abercrombie had known what his store was going to become when he founded it in 1892, I’m sure he would have been stunned. It’s amazing what years of evolution and buyouts can do to a company’s original vision – here’s what Abercrombie and Fitch and nine other clothing retailers sold when their doors [...]

Did the Japanese capture Amelia Earhart ?

The fourth cousin of famed aviator Amelia Earhart has claimed that there has been a massive coverup about what happened to her and that she actual…