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The Walking Dead: The Musical

(YouTube link) You know what’s missing from the AMC series The Walking Dead? Dancing! See the all-singing, all-dancing walkers/zombies communicate their feelings in this little production number from AVbyte. This contains NO spoilers from the TV show. -via The Daily What

How Much Money Is in that Stack of Cash on Breaking Bad?

If you saw the episode in question, then you know that the characters didn’t bother counting it to find out. But this stack ofmoney, shown above, has maximum and minumum values that can be determined by the estimated dimensionsof the stack. Since the midseason finale, all kinds of people have tried their thumb at counting [...]

Bryan Cranston Picks 13 Favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ Moments

Who knows Walter White, the main character of AMC’s Breaking Bad, better than actor Bryan Cranston? After all, the role has won him three Emmys! In this post, he selects the pivotal scenes in which “something propelled Walt to the next thing or changed him somewhat or made the situation more profound.” With video evidence, [...]

Walking Dead Mad Men

(YouTube link) AMC is on a winning streak with the hit series Mad Men and The Walking Dead. What happens when you mashup the two shows? Nothing that makes any sense, but it’s an opportunity for a string of obvious but still funny gags. There’s also a “behind the scenes” video. -via Bits and Pieces

Set Me Free

(vimeo link) The women of the AMC TV series Mad Men are remixed into The Supremes song “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.” The chorus is cleverly edited from the show, and the rest gives us a glimpse of a woman’s place in the mid-1960s. -via Laughing Squid

Top 10 ‘Mad Men’ Essentials

The AMC series Mad Men returns to TV this weekend after an absence of 17 months. To get you into the proper retro mood, Collector’s Weekly presents ten authentic consumer products that will take you back to 1966 -or introduce you to the styles of that year if you weren’t around. I spent several years [...]

The Walking Dead Trailer

Hollywood has done a lot of zombies before, but I wager that this is going to be awesome: an original TV series (by AMC – whaaat? Yes, AMC) called The Walking Dead. Forces of Geek has the trailer, which includes some nifty behind-the-scenes clips: Link [embedded YouTube]