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Banana Slicer Reviews

Some of the greatest comedy fiction on the web can be found in Amazon reviews. For example, 1,082 of 1,089 people found this review of the Victorio Kitchen Products 571B Banana Slicer helpful: For decades I have been trying to come up with an ideal way to slice a banana. “Use a knife!” they say. Well…my [...]

Direct Permalinks for Google Drive

If you’ve every researched Internet-based data storage, you’re probably familiar with Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, and other similar services. Google recently threw their hat into the ring by merging Google Docs into their new service, Google Drive, which is maybe the most inexpensive cloud storage available and even provides 5 GB for free. While uploading years [...]

50 Main Street

Falah Khatib, Newark, Delaware Do you live on 50 Main Street, Anytown, USA? Then you’re part of a unique but very diverse slice of America. Italian-born photographer Piero Ribelli spent six years criss-crossing the country to interview and [...]

Amazon Yesterday Shipping

(YouTube link) Online shopping really grew with Express Delivery, than Next Day Delivery. Now Amazon is working out plans to unveil same-day delivery service. This video shows what the next logical step will be. From the Bilderbergers, with animation by Mack Williams. -Thanks, Ben Stadler!

The Inventor Of The EBook Reader Is….Tom Hanks?

Here we see the true inventor of the ebook reader-Tom Hanks, or more precisely the character Josh Baskin that Mr. Hanks plays in the movie Big, holding up his proposal for the invention that was way ahead of its time. Too bad Josh went back to being a little kid before he could see a profit [...]

The Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World

This ain’t your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, that’s for sure! Flavorwire has the gallery of 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world. (The one above is the El Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Take a look, before Amazon puts [...]

Wartime Trade Between Belligerents of War Materials

It is not unknown in the annals of history for warring powers to continue to trade with each other, on a limited basis, during active hostilities. But journalist Adam Hochschild found a remarkable episode of it during World War I and wrote about it in his new book To End All Wars. Tyler Cowen, an [...]

Batman Comfy Throw Blanket With Sleeves

Why settle for a Snuggie when you can get one that makes you look like your favorite Caped Crusader? Of course, the name of this product had to be “genericized” because Snuggie is a brand name, but you know what you’re getting. The “Comfy Throw Blanket with Sleeves” at Amazon comes in other super flavors, [...]

Photos from Inside the Mouth

One of Justin Quinell’s recent projects was to photograph the world with a camera in his mouth. His new book, Mouthpiece, shows the results. You can see a slideshow of examples from that book at the link. My idea: shoot a short horror film from this perspective. Link -via Flavorwire | Amazon Link

Underground river found beneath the Amazon

A vast underground river may be flowing thousands of feet below the Amazon river say scientists. The discovery was made following a study of temperatu…