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How to Make a Breadcrab

Bruk bakes amazing things, most especially breadcrabs. And if you think this one is impressive, you should see the one that’s built with a dip reservoir in the middle. Link and Recipe -via Geekosystem

25 Absolutely Amazing Rock Formations

Wind, rain and waves can do some amazing things to rocks, which is precisely what made these amazing rock formations seen over at BuzzFeed. Be sure to click on the link, the formations are certainly all worth a view. Link

Photo Data Makes It A Snap To See What They Did

One of the most amazing things about digital photography is that each image is also a file, storing the information contained in each shot along with the photo, so you can load it up and see aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO, etc. any time you want. Do you want to become a better photographer? Just find [...]

Robot Lightsaber Duel

Scientists and engineers are getting pretty adept at building real life robots then can do a myriad of amazing things. What would happen if you gave to robotic arms light sabers? The folks at Yaskawa did just that. Watch full video demonstration at the link. Link

The New York Toy Fair

I am just back from New York, where I had a very unromantic Valentine’s Day. You see, your happiness is more important to me than romance and flowers. So instead of staying home with my sweetie and kids I braved New York in February. I was sent there to search for the greatest and newest [...]

Incredible Tree Growth

One of the most amazing things about plants is their ability to grow through all kinds of obstacles. When trees manage to do so, the spectacle is even more amazing because it is on such a grand scale. There are even more cool ones when you follow the link. Link