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At First Glance, I Thought That This Was Lightning Hitting a Porta-Potty

But no, this is some sort of instrument used by the people at the Lightning Research Laboratory at the University of Florida. They’ve got some amazing photos and videos linked in their sidebar. Check ‘em out. Link -via DVICE

Hiding Lockheed Plant During World War II

It’s amazing what a little camouflage can do. Apparently during World War II to avoid potential bombing the government went to great lengths to disguise an aircraft plant. Check out more of these amazing photos at the link. During World War II the Army Corps of Engineers needed to hide the Lockheed Burbank Aircraft Plant to [...]

Beautiful Photos of Antarctica

Over at In Focus, the news photography blog for the website The Atlantic, they have recently added 47 amazing photos of Antarctica – “its environment, and some of the scientific work taking place there”. Link – via Pusha