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Star Trails Down Under

This photograph of star trails over Lake Tyrrell in Victoria, Australia was taken by amateur astronomer and astrophotography enthusiast Alex Cherney. His daughter’s school project involving astronomy was the origin of Cherney’s interest in the subject. Originally from the Ukraine, Cherney currently lives in Australia and regularly travels the country taking pictures of the night [...]

A Curious Vanity Picture

The Curiosity rover took a vanity shot. In this self picture, which actually is a combination of 55 individual photos taken from its MAHLI camera, you can see the rover sitting comfortably on the surface of Mars. Stuart Atkinson, an amateur astronomer, put the 55 pictures together and can be viewed at its full 5,400 [...]

Phobos-Grunt tracked in orbit

The stricken Russian Mars probe has been photographed in the sky by an amateur astronomer. The probe was launched last year in the hope of bringing ba…

Hubble zooms in on Hanny’s oddity

The Hubble telescope has captured the best images yet of the ghostly green spatial anomaly. In 2007 a Dutch teacher and amateur astronomer came to the…

Amateur astronomer discovers new planets

A 45-year-old gas worker has discovered four new planets from home in his own spare time. Amateur astronomer Peter Jalowiczor was ecstatic to have mad…

Amateur astronomer photographs UFO

An amateur astronomer in England has captured a photograph of what he believes to be a UFO, he spotted the red glowing object hovering 1000ft up i…