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The Missing Links: Do Dogs Ever Really Eat Homework?

Why Did the Dog Eat Your Homework? Or, why do you say that happened? * I Guess the Dinosaurs Are Really Gone A while back I posted a link about a guy hoping to create real, actual Jurassic Park-ish dinosaurs. Well, I guess that isn’t happening. Thanks a lot, “science.” And “facts.” And “rationality.” * Now You Can Hug [...]

The Missing Links: How You Spend Your Day

Fan Video Games Are Much Better Than Fan Fiction A recent Reddit AMA conducted by Dan Harmon, the recently-ousted creator of the show Community, inspired one fan to create a lost scene in video game format. * Chicago Children (And Some of Their Parents) Have Never Experienced School Recess School recess is as American as a dessert [...]

Serenity Made from 70,000 LEGO

Image: brickfrenzy/Flickr This one is for all you Browncoats out there. Adrian Drake of Brickfrenzy created a 7-foot long Serenity spaceship from the sci-fi series Firefly out of 70,000 LEGO bricks. It took him [...]

Larry King’s Suspenders

This is the kind of thing the internet was made for. Longtime broadcaster Larry King did an AMA at reddit, and was asked how many miles of suspenders he owned. King did not know, just that he had 150 pairs of suspenders. IAmNoodles came to the rescue. I’ll do the math! [1] According to Google, Larry [...]