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Beautiful Prosthetic Limbs

The Alternative Limb Project gives people who have prosthetic limbs the chance to stand out uniquely. Paralympian and swimming champion Jo-Jo Cranfield, pictured above, wears an arm with a realistic-looking snake coiled around it. Other unique limbs include a floral-patterned leg and a leg that appears to have built-in stereo speakers. Link -via Breda Fallacy

4 Kinds of Urine You Can Buy Right Now

Most people have no shortage of urine, but others require a packaged alternative for… whatever reason. Science, probably. Conveniently, Holytaco has roundedup some useful sources for procuring urine that is not your own. Thanks? Link | Photo: pinprick

Researchers Develop Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper

Are your neighbors tired of you stealing their unsecured wi-fi? Here’s an expensive alternative to providing password protection. The Grenoble Institut Polytechnique and its research partners have developed wallpaper that blocks wi-fi transmissions: The wallpaper can block Wi-Fi signals in the 2.45 – 5.5 GHz range, while simultaneously allowing television, FM radio, and mobile phone signals [...]

The Ultimate Locket For Zombies

Romantics like to keep photos of the people they love in heart-shaped lockets, but for those that have more cerebral relationships, this brain-shaped locket is a great alternative. It also works well for zombies to remember the loved ones whose brains they consumed. Link Via Oddee

I Guess Someone Wants Seconds

Some bloggers are lucky enough to get occasional frozen dinners. For those of us not so fortunate, Mark Reigelman has provided this alternative. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Lollapalooza was 20 Years Ago: Do You Feel Old Yet?

That’s right. The first Lollapalooza was held twenty years ago in 1991. Feel old, yet alternative (ironically, now mainstream) rockers? Via Accordion Guy

Company offers post-death freeze services

As an alternative to burial or cremation one company is offering to freeze your body and then shatter it. In something similar in concept to the shatt…


The Flylashes are actually quite an odd alternative to fake eyelashes. Artist Jessica Harrison takes dead flys legs and attaches them onto the eye for what are aptly called ‘flylashes.’The inventive looking false eyelashes are sort of on the grosser side of beauty. The crooked and bent lashes are glued onto the eye and are [...]