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A Very Special Message from Space Station Alpha

In the timelapse video “Further Up Yonder,” we hear snippets of speech from the crew of the International Space Station, also known as Space Station Alpha. There are three crew up there at the moment, and as you hear in the video — they are “the most forward-deployed citizens of the planet at this [...]

Frat Boys Burning Textbooks Burned Down Their Frat House

A group of frat boys celebrating the end of classes got a bit more than they expected, when the textbooks they were burning caused a fire that burned down their frat house! "I think some [...]

The Ten Biggest Alpha Males in TV History

Unreality magazine posted a list of ten alpha males on TV, of which I have seen exactly two. I went out of my way to see the show Justified because I was born in Harlan County. And I’ve seen Star Trek, but I have the feeling it was included to ward off commenters, because James [...]

Tonight: Trek Nation on Science Channel

Set your DRVs for “Trek Nation” tonight (November 30, 2011) at 8pm ET/PT on the Science Channel. If you’re going to watch one documentary about Star Trek, it should be Trekkies. But if you’re going to watch two, the second should be Trek Nation, premiering tonight on the Science Channel. Trek Nation puts Star [...]

Being Top Baboon is a Hard Life

It ain’t easy bein’ top dog. Or, for that matter, top monkey. Sure your underlings would pay to gaze at your pictures, but being alpha baboons come at a high price: A new study, “Life at the Top: Rank and Stress in Wild Male Baboons,” published in the July 15 issue of the journal Science found [...]

Man discovers "structure" on Mars

Armchair astronomer David Martines discovered what he believes to be a building on the surface of Mars. Nicknamed “Bio-Station Alpha”, footage of the …

Star Trek Communicator Cell Phone Prototype by Nokia

TechEBlog spotted an ultra-rare Star Trek Communicator cell phone by Nokia that is “intended to simulate the iconic voice comms devices of the original TV series.” A working cellphone made in the form of a Star Trek communicator. This is one of 14 numbered prototypes distributed internally at Nokia in 2008. I bought it on eBay [...]

7 Sci-Fi Series Ripe for Movie Reboots

Cinematical has a list of ideas for making movies based on classic 20th century TV shows. A couple of these I’d never seen, but I definitely remember tuning in to see Martin Landau and company fight to survive each week on Moonbase Alpha (Space:1999, pictured). The list includes Earth 2, The Six Million Dollar Man, and [...]