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Man Charged with Feeding Gator that Ate His Hand

Last month, airboat captain Wallace Weatherholt lost his hand when an alligator bit it off at the wrist. Then, as if that’s not bad enough, he’s now being charged with unlawful feeding of a wild animal: After the attack, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers began an investigation into whether the captain had fed or provoked the [...]

Fishing Dog Lands a Big One

(Video Link) Tash the dog can fend for herself, thank you very much. She goes noodling in the water and brings back a fish. Now go back and get me a 300-pound alligator gar. -via Blame It on the Voices

The Well-dressed Alligator

A pun you can share with your kids, and a fine-looking alligator illustration, too! Created by DeviantART member arseniic. Link -via reddit

Star Trek Quilts

The best way to live long in prosper is with a nice warm Star Trek quilt. I think you will agree when you check out this gallery of quilts all featuring characters from the original Star Trek, made by The Alligator Bride. Link -via Geeks are Sexy

Police Shoot Concrete, Ornamental Alligator

After hearing reports that an alligator was loose in a suburban neighborhood, Kansas City police rushed to a home and found a concrete, ornamental alligator. Except they didn’t realize that’s what it was right away: After consulting a conservation agent, who told them to kill the gator if they felt it posed a danger, one of [...]

Kid Brings Home 6-Foot Gator

Kids bring home the craziest things. They bring home bugs, rocks, leaves, and sometimes animals. Michael Dasher, however, brought home something a little more interesting than your average little snake. This fearless 10-year-old brought home a nearly 6-foot alligator. Michael said the alligator ran at him, so he started hitting it with sticks. He said at [...]

An Alligator Behind the Sofa

A woman in Parauapebas, Brazil, was shocked to find her three-year-old behind the sofa, petting an alligator! The woman snatched the child away and called the fire brigade, who trapped the 1.5m-long (5ft) alligator. The firefighters said the family was lucky the reptile was not hungry. Firefighter Captain Luiz Claudio Farias said it could have seriously hurt or [...]

Cat vs. Alligator

(YouTube link) Cat owns alligator. Then the alligator returns with reinforcements. No gator is a match for this kitty! -via The Daily What

Record-breaking 14ft alligator caught

A massive record-breaking alligator measuring over 14ft in length has been caught in Florida. The massive reptile weighs more than 650 pounds and is b…

Alligator Dressing

Hebert’s Specialty Meats can supply your Thanksgiving entree complete with alligator dressing. Order it with your turkey, duck, chicken, quail, or rabbit. From the description, it sounds delicious! Sauté onion, bell pepper, and that wonderful Cajun seasoning, smother alligator meat in tomato sauce. Combine finished product with white rice. Link -via Woman’s Day (image credit: Flickr user Paraflyer)