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Archive: June 2011

Magnificent & Weird Trees The Walking tree, the Cannonball tree, and others Philosophy 101 (Funny Pics) Philosophy slogans to pick you up or bring you down American Concept Cars Showcase, Part 1 The Creme de la Creme of Automotive Design Unintentional Faces in Objects Funny, weird, screaming, and simply nuts Industrial Photography with a Soul Iron Bridges, Gothic Bell Towers and Mystery Machines Radical X-Ray [...]

Alkali Metals vs. Water

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Alkali Metals vs. Water Alkali metals can be cut like butter but they positively hate water… Do we even have to say, do not repeat it at home? Link Today’s pictures & links: Playboy’s Land Yacht! What a design… Why didn’t they make it? It would fit perfectly with the “1980s Decade of Excess”. [...]

Alkali Metals

(YouTube link) A look at alkali metals and how they react with air and water may seem like a dry science lesson at first. Despite the delivery, this presentation builds as it goes along, with a satisfying climax at the end. -via Buzzfeed