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The Anatomy Of Movie Monsters And Aliens

Artist Brad McGinty is bringing the fun back to anatomical illustrations thanks to his new series dedicated to creatures and aliens from the big screen. It’s the next best thing to skinning one of these critters on your own, and this way you can avoid all that icky goo making a mess of your house. Link  –via [...]

A Cat Receiving Transmissions From Outer Space

(YouTube Link) Kitties have highly tuned senses that help them hunt in the wild, but this crazy cat seems to be receiving transmissions from another planet!  Maybe it’s talking to the star of the movie The Cat From Outer Space, either that or it sees a bird outside and wants to get at it…naw, it must be [...]

What Futurama Characters Would Look Like In Real Life

This series of realistic renditions by Jared Krichevsky shows what those crazy aliens from Futurama might look like in real life, and they’re downright scary! Jared even managed to make mild mannered Kif look rather repulsive, and I used to think Nibbler looked cute and cuddly…now I’m not so sure… Link  –via i09

Controversial "alien" photo emerges

A somewhat dubious photograph has surfaced online showing two alleged “aliens” on Ilkley Moor. The image reportedly appeared on the web on August 25th…

Could intelligent aliens be a threat ?

Astronomers have been quick to point out lately that contact with aliens could lead to our destruction. Some argue that far from being the enlightened…

Forty Fords

The movie Cowboys & Aliens opens nationwide today, marking Harrison Ford’s 40th credited movie role. In honor of the occasion, the National Post created 40 icons of Ford in his roles (although strangely all appearing to be the same age). Each is linked to an explanation of the role depicted. Link -via Buzzfeed

Was Roswell a Soviet plot to cause US panic ?

A new book claims that the Roswell Incident had nothing to do with aliens and was actually a Soviet plot. The alleged UFO crash at Roswell in New Mexi…

What to Do if You’re The First Person to Make Alien Contact

At one point or another we’ve all thought about how exciting or terrifying it might be to actually encounter intelligent alien beings from another world. What would you do if you were the FIRST human to make contact with the aliens? This helpful guide outlines a few simple things to remember when you encounter E.T. [...]

Man blames aliens for car chase

A man caught by police after doing 120mph claimed he was attempting to save his girlfriend from aliens. Richard Donald Blanscet was apprehended by pol…

New treaty to ban space based weapons

A new treaty has been proposed to disallow the use of weapons in space for humans and for aliens. The Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2…