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Combat Creatures

In February, we introduced you to Jaimie Mantzel and his Greatest Toy in the Universe. At the time, the toy didn’t even have a name, much less a manufacturer. But things move fast, and the company Wow! Stuff is shipping a line of toys based on Mantzel’s prototype in time for Christmas. His model is [...]

Hilarious Prometheus Parody Video

(YouTube Link) The key to survival in the Prometheus/Aliens universe is clearly extensive training, at least according to this ridiculous comedy video by barelypolitical. Actually, this video explains a lot….I’ve always wondered why such highly educated and well trained individuals head to an alien planet and start acting the fool and touching everything. Now I know-that’s what [...]

How would we approach first contact ?

If we were to ever come across an inhabitated alien planet, how would we go about contacting them ? Senior SETI astronomer Seth Shostak believes that …

Alien Planet Made of Diamond Discovered

If you really want to impress that intergalactic princess you’ve been dating, this would make for one heck of an engagement ring. Scientists have discovered a planet 4,000 light years from Earth that is made of diamond. This illustration shows the alien planet PSR J1719-1438, where ultra-high pressures caused carbon to crystallize in the [...]

Landscapes That Seem Out of This World

Blood rivers, stone forests and perched pillars of chalk may sound like features of an alien planet dreamed up as a set for a new SyFy show, but our own Mother Earth is a lot stranger and less predictable than we give her credit for. Take for example the Spotted Lake in Canada. It certainly seems [...]