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Sorting Algorithm Explained with a Hungarian Folk Dance

(Video Link) Sapientia University has created a series of online videos that illustrate different sorting algorithms using folk dances: What you have to do is just check that they are in fact implementing the algorithm correctly. The dancers have numbers stuck on their front and they do seem to look down and examine the value on another [...]

Robot Learns Archery

Obviously, the robotics team led by Petar Kormushev at the Italian Institute of Technology have never watched Terminator. Otherwise, why would they try to teach the (deceptively innocent-looking) iCut robot how to shoot arrows? Here at Geekosystem, we like to follow the things leading up to Judgment Day, just so we can say “Told you so!” [...]

Teenager builds robot to solve his Rubik’s cube!

[YouTube - Link] Lithuanian twelfth grader Andrius Šutas built his own robot for Rubik’s cube solving and does not hesitate to share secrets of the build (i. e. schematics, CAD design, source code). It’s not very fast, but does the job pretty well and the simplicity of the design looks good. The solving algorithm [...]