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12 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in March (and a Contest!)

Here are some reasons to celebrate this month, plus the once-in-a-lifetime chance to create your own holiday. March 1st: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day Peanut butter image via Shutterstock If you love peanut butter, today is the day to shout it from a mountaintop – and then polish off your PB-based sandwich of choice. Take some time to [...]

Sound pulled from 125-year-old recordings

Scientists have been able to retrieve sound from recordings made in Alexander Graham Bell’s lab. Bell had made the recordings to safeguard against hav…

130-year-old Sound Recordings

Alexander Graham Bell and his Volta Laboratory Associates began research into recording sound in the early 1880s. They tried a variety of recording mediums, such as glass, wax, rubber, and metal. The experimental materials were eventually donated to the Smithsonian Institution, but they were not played back for fear of damaging the original material. But [...]

Alexander Graham Bell’s Delightfully Weird Sketchbooks

Alexander Graham Bell is best known for his work on the telephone, but that was far from his only interest. The Library of Congress preserved Bell’s handwritten notes and sketchbooks for our perusal. They are filled with ideas and experiments, although the handwriting is, to put it kindly, sometimes hard to decipher. The Atlantic has [...]

Happy Birthday, National Geographic Society!

On January 27, 1888, a group of 165 prominent men in Washington, DC incorporated a club called the National Geographic Society. Its first president, lawyer Gardiner Green Hubbard, was the father-in-law and early financier of inventor Alexander Graham Bell, another founding member. Hubbard was also the first president of the Bell Telephone company, known today as [...]

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach

Students, we know you may not be all that ecstatic about seeing your teachers – and the homework they assign – as the school year starts up. Pay attention in class, though; you never know what hidden talents your teachers might have. Just look at all of these famous former teachers: 1. Gene Simmons The tongue-flicking [...]