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The Waycooler App By Alex Pardee

(YouTube Link) Do you have a bunch of boring photos sitting around inside your iPad or iPhone (with hopefully more platforms coming soon!), photos that lack tentacles and that ever elusive WTF factor? Then you need Alex Pardee’s Waycooler App! It lets you stick all kinds of stuff on your pictures, making them (surprise!) waaay cooler! It kinda makes [...]

Draw Bridge

I’ve heard this joke before, but it was about the sign that said “Clean Restrooms.” This photo is from artist Alex Pardee. Note the river monster showing his tentacle. In the drawing. Link -via Laughing Squid

Alex Pardee Sees Strangely Shaped Superpeople

I love to see Alex Pardee’s take on iconic characters because he always manages to wow me with his redesigns. From his perspective, the world is full of shifting facial features, sharp teeth and splattered edges. It’s a fine mess when you think about it, and love or hate him you gotta admit-Alex Pardee is an [...]