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Smart People Drink More Booze

Drink a lot of alcohol? That’s because you’re smart! Here’s a study showing that smart children in the UK and the United States grow up to drink more alcohol than their dumber counterparts: … more [...]

R2-D2 Keg

Jabba, as you may remember, spotted Artoo right away as a master bartender. He’s fallen down in the world–now he’s offering alcohol at tailgate parties. So hit his tip jar. Link -via Geekosystem

18 Vintage Photos From Prohibition

Americans are fascinated by prohibition, as evidenced by the success of shows like Boardwalk Empire and the many movies based on Al Capone. But for all the discussions and reenactments of the period, it’s still rare to actually look back on photos from the period. Here are a few scenes from the fight against alcohol, [...]

Shall I Dance?

This Twaggie was illustrated by Anna Beck from a Tweet by @yoyoha. And you know alcohol will lie to you every time. See a new funny Tweet illustrated every day at Twaggies. Link

Zookeepers Drank Elephants’ Alcohol

The elephant keepers at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan, ordered a supply of alcohol each of the past twenty years -for the elephants. They said the  alcohol was necessary to calm the elephants down during mating season. The orders were filled each year, and listed under the elephant’s food expense budget. But the elephants [...]

Sex-Deprived Fly Drowns Its Sorrow in Booze

Rejection hurt, even for the lowly fly. Researchers discovered that sex-deprived fruit flies will drown their sorrows in booze: To see how sex impacts fly drinking, the researchers placed virgin male flies in [...]

Was ancient Sumerian beer alcohol free ?

The beer variant enjoyed by the ancient Sumerians may not have contained any alcohol at all. Details of ancient Mesopotamian brewing practices were re…

Prettier at Closing Time: How Beer Goggles Work

AISPIX / One of my all-time favorite songs, for which my girlfriend always calls me a redneck, is Mickey Gilley’s “Don’t the Girls All Get Prettier at Closing Time.” As the title suggests, it’s about the fact that a little booze makes everyone a little easier on the eyes. Does science have an explanation for [...]

Scientists envisage "stay-sober" pill

A pill that would allow you to drink as much as you want without getting drunk is being developed. The work is based on examining the way alcohol affe…

10 Interesting Numbers in American Culture (Plus or Minus a Few)

From the number that defeated the Nazis to the one that put a smile on the faces of drunken sailors, here are 10 digits with real value. 1. Nine-tenths of a cent: The fraction that makes us pump more gas Every time we fill up our tanks, we wrestle with one of life’s thorniest mysteries: Why [...]