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Ready for Some Real Chuck Norris Facts?

To be fair, not everyone likes Chuck Norris, whether it’s because they loathe his political beliefs, his violent action flicks, his purported plagiarism on WorldNetDaily, or because they are just sick and tired of the meme associated with him. But even if you don’t like certain things about Mr. Norris, there’s still plenty to appreciate, [...]

Dick Van Dyke’s Life Saved by Porpoises

American actor Dick Van Dyke claims that his life was saved by porpoises. Van Dyke fell asleep on his surfboard one day, and when we woke up, he could no longer see the shore. He asserts that porpoises pushed him back to land: “I woke up out of sight of land … and I started paddling [...]

7 Highly Successful High School Dropouts

It’s a common belief in America these days that without a high school diploma, you have no future. This opinion may be true to some extent, but it’s certainly not a hard and fast rule. There are a lot of highly successful people in this world who never even completed high school. One of these successful [...]

Patrick Swazye, RIP

Ah, it’s been a sad few days. Two days ago, Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug – who some say is the most important man of the twentieth century (his discoveries led to much improved crop yields, thus saving a lot of the world’s population) – died at the age of 95. More about Borlaug: The Man Who [...]