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The Whale That Speaks Human

Image: U.S. Navy Ever heard of the whale that speaks human? Meet NOC, a white beluga whale that "talks" just like you and me: For years, NOC was part of the U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program in [...]

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Photo: Arthur Anker/Flickr Is that mothra as a baby? Zoologist Arthur Anker of Brazil’s Federal University snapped this fantastic photo of a Venezuelan poodle moth or muslin [...]

Oregon Aurora

Photo: Brad Goldpaint – view more fantastic shots at Brad’s website Photographer Brad Goldpaint captured the northern lights over Crater Lake, Oregon, like you’ve never seen before: [...]

Swirling Spiral of Light Over the Middle East

[YouTube Clip] Last week, a swirling spiral of light was seen in the skies over Israel, Syria and other Middle East countries. Was it UFO? Naw, turned out it was just the Russians: The Voice of Russia reported that the country’s Strategic Missile [...]

How Do New Periodic Table Elements Get Their Names?

Every so often, we’ll reprint something interesting from our sister publication, The Week. This is one of those times. concept w / Two new elements are joining old chemistry-class favorites on the periodic table. The latest inductees — number 114, flerovium (Fl), and number 116, livermorium (Lv) — were revealed by the International Union of Pure [...]