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Why Airline Food is So Salty

That’s a scanning electron micrograph of dissolved salt by Signe Emma, who used it to illustrate the reason airline food (remember that? You’d have to travel abroad to eat airline meals nowadays) is so salty: At 30.000 feet the cabin humidity drops [...]

The Five Best Plane Crashes In Cinema

Unreality magazine discusses movie plane crashes and how terrifying they are. Of course, they are never as terrifying as a real crash. Pictured here is the airline about to crash in the film Castaway. I hate to admit it, but I have only seen one of these movies, and that was once in a theater [...]

UFO filmed from plane over Seoul

An airline passenger has filmed a strange object flying low over the city of Seoul in South Korea. As the cityscape is being filmed from far above a w…

Should Airlines Charge Fat People More?

Bioethicist and philosopher Peter Singer was in an airport when he noticed that a slender lady with an overweight suitcase has to pay, whereas a fat man with a regular suitcase didn’t have to [...]

London to Sydney in just two hours ?

Michiel Mol and airline KLM are joining forces to develop a 13,750mph passenger spacecraft. With plans to begin operations within 15 to 20 years, the …

What’s The Worst Airline You’ve Ever Flown And Why?

Photo: Kossy@FINEDAYS [Flickr] Today, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year in the United States. And if you’ve ever flown commercial airlines, then you’ve probably got a horror story or two. So, let me ask you this question: what is the worst airline you’ve ever flown and why? Note: There is [...]

The World’s Most Luxurious Airlines

If you could afford the best, which airline should you fly? First class is pretty spiffy on all of them, but some airlines take the concept of luxury to the upper limits. Take a look inside the top-tier accommodations of the seven most luxury-conscious airlines. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by psogle .

Man Recreates Pan Am Jetliner Cabin in His Garage

Since he was a young boy, Anthony Toth has seen the first class cabin of an old Pan Am 747 as the very quintessence of luxury. So he has spent the past twenty years building a simulation of that environment in his garage. In addition to spending $50,000 on the project, he’s traveled widely just [...]