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Man cured of AIDS still going strong

A few years ago 46-year-old Timothy Brown became the only person to have ever been cured of AIDS. While his remarkable recovery is proof that AIDS is …

Scientists develop anti-beard gel

Based on a drug used in the treatment of AIDS, the gel may soon remove the need for shaving entirely. Trials conducted using the new cidofovir based g…

Scientists breed glow-in-the-dark cats

Genetically modified fluorescent cats are helping researchers find new ways to treat Aids. By inserting specific genes in to the cats the animals were…

Glow-in-the-Dark Kitties

Scientists are looking into a new technique for the fight against AIDS…and yes, it involves glow-in-the-dark cats! Two genes are inserted into feline eggs before fertilization, one being the jellyfish gene that causes cats to glow (“tracking purposes.”) The other is a rhesus macaque gene that blocks cell infection by feline immunodeficiency virus, which provides [...]

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor has died of heart failure. Born in England to American parents, Taylor {wiki} came to live in the US in 1939 and appeared in her first movie at age nine. Her striking beauty was partially due to a mutation that gave her a double row of eyelashes. Taylor acted in 70 [...]

The Joy of Stats: Statistics Explained

Hans Rosling is best known for his visualization of statistics data: he makes engaging animated displays that show how statistics (like AIDS rates, economic data, and even census data) change over time. By animating the data, Rosling helps laypeople understand what the statistics mean over time, and how to draw meaningful comparisons between data points. [...]

7 Nobel Prize Stories Ripped from the Tabloids!

by Maggie Koerth-Baker and Linda Rodriguez Forget Brad and Angelina. It’s time to put the spotlight back where it belongs—on history’s biggest nerds! We’ve got all the juiciest gossip about the world’s greatest minds. 1. Scientist, Editor Duel Over Marie Curie’s Honor! Gunshots Barely Avoided as Albert Einstein Weighs In Marie Curie is well known as the first [...]

World AIDS Day

Almost missed this one: Today is World AIDS Day (it’s founded by the World Health Organization founded back in 1988 to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic and to honor the persons who have died from HIV/AIDS). Chicago Now has a gallery of influential and famous people who have died from the disease. Do you recognize [...]

Progress on a HIV Vaccine

Donald G. McNeil, Jr. writes in The New York Times that a new vaccine tested on 16,000 Thai volunteers demonstrated improved resistance to the virus that causes AIDS. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it’s a significant discovery. McNeil writes: Col. Jerome H. Kim, a physician who is manager of the army’s [...]