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Watch These Cuties Grow Up

Neatorama readers The Campanelli Family started taking pictures of their puppies in front of the fireplace in 2006. When the twins were born in 2008, they were added right into the mix and the resulting yearly costumed pictures are utterly adorable. Every year,the kids and dogs are kept in the same order, from left to [...]

What We Learned from 5 Million Books

In this fourteen-minute TEDxBoston Talk, uber-geeks Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel talk about what they’ve learned from processing 5 million books (or 500 billion words) via the Google Ngram Viewer. This tool uses text scanned from books to find specific terms and phrases, so you can figure out historical patterns of language usage. [...]


Designer Garrett Miller has an ongoing project in which he takes children’s drawings (and their descriptions) and makes them into professional illustrations. The imagination is still there; he just adds the technical abilities to bring the drawings to a more readable level. The picture shown is by 6-year-old Cody. See some other favorites just ahead. Talia [...]