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Trained Mice Performing Amazing Tricks

  (YouTube Link) (YouTube Link) We all know mice are clever enough to sneak their way into our houses and eat our food, but their ability to learn tricks is totally underrated. Mouse Agility knows what mice are truly capable of, and they’ve been training mice to do things like pay for a treat, play Connect Four or slam [...]

Move Over, Fido! Here Comes the Feline Agility Competition

Everything you know about cats is wrong: You actually can herd them, and in fact, you can even train them to run an obstacle course. There’s even an international tournament dedicated to such (I [...]

Louie The Pig That Thinks He’s a Dog

Louie is a nine month old pot-bellied crossbreed who can negotiate the toughest dog agility courses. Trained by his owner, Sue Williams, he trots, leaps and weaves around obstacles – as long as he gets a tasty ginger biscuit as a reward. He shows such skill that Ms Williams hopes he will compete in the [...]

An hour of sudoku can help you lose weight

Mental agility expert Tim Forrester has claimed that an hour spent doing puzzles like sudoku or a crossword can burn up more calories than you’d f…